Below we have summarized the measures according to the guidelines of the federal government regarding Covid-19 for you.

We fulfill all hygienic and legal requirements in an exemplary manner and are pioneers when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Due to the current situation, all hygiene measures that we have implemented for your protection and for the protection of the employees will be strengthened. Current Corona information for Styria can be found here. You can find all of the currently applicable Corona regulations for the hotel industry here.

Rules of conduct for hotel guests:
– Presenting a test result or vaccination certificate or confirmation of a past illness

Negative PCR test (validity: 3 days) Negative antigen test from test lanes, pharmacies, etc. (validity: 2 days) NEW: antigen tests for personal use (digital), recorded in an official data processing system (validity: 1 day) = “Vorarlberg model “NEW: On-site self-tests will also allow access. However, this test is only valid for this one visit and only in the business premises. NEW: For children, the school test will also be used as an entry test.

Medical confirmation of an infection that has occurred in the last six months and is currently expired Submission of a “separation notice”: Persons who were infected with the coronavirus are exempt from the obligation to be tested six months after recovery. Proof of a past and current infection with SARS-CoV-2. Proof of neutralizing antibodies, which must not be older than three months.

Proof of a first vaccination from the 22nd day after the first vaccination, which must not be more than 3 months ago, or a second vaccination, which must not be more than 9 months ago, or vaccination from the 22nd day after the vaccination in the case of vaccines for whom only one vaccination is planned, which must not be more than 9 months ago, or vaccination if it was not more than 9 months ago and if the PCR test was positive 21 days before vaccination or there was evidence of neutralizing antibodies before vaccination.

From the end of May, the “Green Passport” should be able to serve as an entry ticket for those who have been tested, vaccinated or recovered:


Reserve in advance if possible.
  • Reduce traffic jams at reception and in the restaurant.
  • Pay contactless if possible. Preferably settle the bill with a card.
  • Adhere to the instructions of the employees.
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging. – Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  • Avoid touching face with unclean hands.
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • Do not travel if there are signs of illness. If you notice anything during your stay, contact your host.
  • As a greeting, we stick to the heartfelt “Grüss Gott” and continue to refrain from shaking hands
  • Surfaces that are frequently touched (door handles, elevator panels, light switches, etc.) are disinfected several times a day – payment of the bill ideally contactless at the end of the stay
  • If you notice any signs of illness, inform the reception immediately
  • With your prudence you protect yourself and the other guests! 

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a pleasant stay.